There is always a dilemma that comes with doing business overseas. Optimal focus must always be given to the job at hand. On the other hand, though, we know that seeing new and exotic sights is always needed, especially when working somewhere as beautiful as Malta. After all, though we may boast about how our island is the heart of the Mediterranean, we can’t expect you to believe us until you’ve gathered enough proof for yourself!

That’s why we are more than happy to assist you and your team in experiencing Malta as fully as possible in your free time. We believe that tours are the best way to understand the depth of Malta’s history and culture, and we can point you towards, and set you up with various tour options that cater to your individual interests.

The wonders that are Valletta (our capital city) and Mdina (the Silent city) are the most obvious points of exploration, and with very good reason. Respectively Baroque and Medieval in architecture and atmosphere, these two cities individually host several museums and exciting landmarks that exude their cultural status. However, we must also emphasise how enriching other areas around Malta are, such as our many Megalithic temples, and, of course, our many maritime cities!

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